UI & Logo Design


This program Emphasizes how important is to Introduce Design for UI and Logo early for kids for this generation.

Kids ranged from ages 7-12 can easily relate early what a Logo is and what Website Design can be as they are using the Browser in school or home at day to day basis. It is more like sketching an Artistic Text and laying it out in Cool forms using Software Tools available. In the process of designing,it generates huge creative and innovative thinking process among kids and bring the best in them and gives them more confidence and relate them to the real world.

The program will cover what a Logo is and Why it is important for any Company.t Also covers he components of each logo, importance of colors in a Logo, The font Style. They will choose a particular industry and be creative to sketch and design the logo using software.

UI Design will include what are templates, What is their importance and how they are beneficial. They will create some sample templates understanding the basic concepts of UI and Layout.

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